Message from Greg Munson, Executive Director

Dear Friend,

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” For the past year-and-a-half, Ryan Catalani, our Director of Donor Relations, has helped Family Promise NNCC change and evolve for the better. He helped launch the Hidden campaign, got us involved with new fundraising opportunities, streamlined a variety of technical issues, applied for and received numerous grants to help our families, and given us a marketing facelift on the website and social media, among numerous other activities. Most importantly, he has truly become part of this organization’s family, and we are grateful for his support.

Many of you may have heard that Ryan will be leaving Family Promise NNCC to move back to his home state of Hawaii for an incredible job opportunity his girlfriend was given at one of the major news organizations. His last full-time day with us is today, May 17, but he has graciously agreed to stay on in a remote capacity for the next few weeks (through June 5) and wrap up a few major projects while he’s getting reestablished in Hawaii (thank you!).

We are thrilled to report that he has been offered a job as the Director of Advancement for the Hawaii Children’s Action Network, where he will be able to put Gandhi’s words into action and help continue to make positive change for those in need.

We encourage you to reach out to at to say goodbye and good luck, or as they say in Hawaii, “pomaikaʻi.”

If you know someone that might be interested in a development and marketing position, please share this link:


Message from Ryan Catalani

On the very same day I started at Family Promise NNCC, Gretchen and her two daughters moved into our Hospitality Network. As I got settled into my office and started writing a fundraising letter, so too did Gretchen’s daughters get settled into my office. They would come by most days after school, joining me at my desk as they laughed, chatted, and drew on coloring pages that I would print for them.

It was from those very first days that I realized how transformative your support truly is. Seeing how their whole family relaxed as they got settled in our program, and how joyful they were to move into a new apartment, quickly put this work into perspective for me. Families like Gretchen’s encapsulate what I’ve loved about my role at Family Promise NNCC. I’m so grateful to have had to opportunity to connect you with the families we serve each day.

There are many memories I’ll cherish from my experience here, from seeing the smiles on families’ faces when they move into their new homes, to visiting host congregations and feeling the profound warmth and hospitality that you provide. But it’s the relationships with you all — the volunteers, supporters, and families who have made Family Promise NNCC what it is today — that I will always take with me, to Hawaii and beyond.