Did you know that in the Christina School District in Delaware alone, over 600 students experience homelessness each year? That’s enough to completely fill 20 classrooms. As this school year begins, you can help end homelessness for these children.

Homelessness has an immediate and lasting impact on children. Each day of homelessness takes a toll on their grades, physical health, and mental well-being. At night, they sleep in cars, motels, and spare rooms. School becomes more challenging as they shuffle between those temporary lodgings. Doing homework is tough without reliable access to computers, the internet, or even a quiet place to study.

Yet kids are resilient, and you can change their lives.

We’re excited to announce that our new Hospitality Center will officially open in November! This new facility will double our capacity — over 1,000 children and their parents annually will receive temporary shelter, dedicated support, and the help they need to quickly move into permanent housing. Your gift today will give twice as many children children stable homes and brighter futures when we open the doors to our new Hospitality Center!


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Your investment enables families like Gretchen’s, pictured here, to overcome homelessness. After they lost their home, Gretchen’s two daughters, ages 7 and 10, didn’t have a stable place to do their homework, sleep, or get ready for the next day of school.

When they came to Family Promise® of Northern New Castle County, we offered them stability and a much-needed sense of relief. Her kids used our computers to complete projects, and we ensured they had transportation to and from school. Because of supporters like you, Gretchen’s family quickly moved into their own apartment, where they’re still living today. Will you end homelessness for even more kids like Gretchen’s?


Yes, I’ll help even more families overcome homelessness!


Children are Delaware’s hidden homeless. Each year in Delaware, an estimated 6,500 kids experience homelessness. Hundreds of kids right now are going to school without knowing where they will sleep tonight. Friend, I know you care about these children and want to make sure they have every opportunity to succeed in life.

When these kids don’t have safe, stable housing, their lives are disrupted — but they are resilient, and you can make a difference. That’s why we’re asking you to ensure that they have access to Delaware’s most effective programs ending family homelessness.

At Family Promise® NNCC, kids feel like they’re at home. Our 1,500+ volunteers provide warmth and hospitality, 365 days a year. Gretchen’s 7-year-old daughter, pictured here with a gift from one of our volunteers, enjoyed her time at Family Promise® NNCC so much that she didn’t want to leave! Here’s what she said:

“Family Promise offers friends, a roof over our head, and they show love, caring, support, and fun. Thank you for all the presents and gifts and people who are nice.”

Imagine giving this joy to 20+ kids and their parents when we open our new Hospitality Center. Imagine telling these children that they no longer have to worry about where they will sleep at night. Imagine how much better this school year will be once they are stably housed. That’s what your gift today will achieve.

On behalf of all the children that will overcome homelessness this school year, thank you for believing in their promise. Your gift will help over 1,000 children and parents move into permanent homes each year. Every $1 donated translates into $2.50 in support for the families we serve through our programs, which continue to be the most successful and cost-effective in the state.

This school year, you can ensure that every child has a home! Thank you again for your support.

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