“We felt like a family” — speech from the 2017 breakfast

Yarelis: Hi. We are the Walker family.  I am Yarelis, Alreise, and we have two kids.  We were living in Virginia and we were both working.  My husband lost his job because of an accident.  I was trying to work more but I was getting overwhelmed.  Then I lost my job when my boss changed.  […]

“Looking Toward the Future” – Carolyn Gordon’s speech from 2017 Breakfast

The theme of this year’s breakfast is “Looking Toward the Future”.  Often, families come to us in their darkest time.   All of our families have lived somewhere, have had stability but then one day, it is no more.  It begins with something you or I may experience: health issues, divorce, death, a car breaking […]

What does home mean to you?

Love. Warmth. Family. Happiness. Comfort. That’s what home means to us. And because of you, Family Promise is the most effective model for ending homelessness in Delaware. Watch our new video below!

It Is a Sin

I am blessed and humbled to share here today at St. Barnabas. St. Barnabas is a treasured support congregation within the Family Promise network.  You partner with Skyline United Methodist when they host the families.  Congregations come together to provide temporary housing to families with children for one week at a home, on a rotating […]

New Beginnings and Transformations. Help us Create More!

The families you help work hard to overcome homelessness.  Your gift supports them on their journey to lasting independence.  You help parents build positive futures for themselves and their children.  What a blessing to be part of their transformational experience!   Mission Moment: Yesica’s Story “On January 27th, I had nowhere to go.  I arrived […]

“Light at the end of the tunnel”- Speech from 2016 Breakfast

My name Tanisha.  In 2003, my mother passed away and a few months later I moved to Wilmington from Philadelphia.   I have always worked.  I had always been a caregiver and so I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the nursing field.  I met Darrin in 2005 and we hit it off […]

Spiritual Gifts Keep on Giving, Guest Sermon at St. Marks UMC, 2/2016

  I always first begin with the liturgy for the week.  Everything flows from God so why not begin with the word of our Lord?  Especially during this time between the celebratory nature Christmas and Epiphany and that of Easter and Lent, we are overwhelmed with the presence of God. What a direct connection to […]