Help us raise $15,000 that will help move five families into permanent housing! Every dollar donated will be matched up to $11,000, dollar for dollar by our board!

Do More 24 is a 24-hour day of giving, from 6 PM on Thursday March 5th to 6 PM on Friday March 6th. Donations made during this time frame will be matched and help us compete to win financial prizes. Donations can be made via our page or via check. Checks must be received by March 5th to be eligible and will be recorded as offline donations.

Click here to view our Do More 24 page. Once on our Do More 24 Page, feel free to share or tweet our page to raise awareness of this initiative. You can also click on the “Remind me Button” to have a reminder sent to your email once Do More 24 goes live on March 5th.

Financial prizes will be awarded to participating nonprofits proportionate with how much we raise. Currently there is a $60,000 stretch pool. Family Promise NNCC’s portion of the “stretch” depends on how much is raised in total donations. For example, if we receive 3% of the total donations raised by all organizations participating in Do More 24 Delaware, then we will receive 3% of the stretch pool. The more donations we receive the larger our share of the stretch pool.

Below you will find resources to help us raise awareness of this fundraiser.

Do More 24 Flyer

Picture File of Do More 24 Flyer

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Brittney family story

Jessica family story…/family-promise-nncc-domore24de

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