Join the Family Promise® NNCC Hospitality Center Team

Give hope and promise to families with children experiencing homelessness

“Thanks a million times for everything. God is awesome. You are awesome. Family Promise is awesome. Apartment is awesome. We are maybe in shock but very grateful.”
~Graduate, now in her own home

“This is a life changing experience for both the volunteer and the family.”

“It is always a joy to see a family ‘make it’ and have a home of their own through the Family Promise efforts.”

Your congregation or organization would “host” four times a year, one week at a time, up to 6 families with children ( ~20 individuals). You could also partner with other organizations for their week!

“Hosting” includes preparing for the week, laundering the linens, sleeping over on the weekends, providing food (including a family-style dinner each night), and a few activities for the guest families. The families each have their own private room for sleeping.

Your team would host seven consecutive nights, from Sunday evening to the following Sunday morning, four times a year.

It is an exceptional hands-on experience! Volunteers can do a variety of activities that appeal to them. Every bit provides hope and promise for families in transition.

You are part of the most effective organization in the state that helps families secure housing and you help keep families together. Thank you!

Volunteer roles

Hospitality Week Set Up

  • Sundays, 1 hr. (2-3 people)
  • Ensure food is ready for the week.
  • Prepare cottage and dining areas, stocking as needed.
  • Any small welcome items/signage your congregation/organization would like to do.

Meal Preparation

  • Bring prepared dinner, breakfast on Sat. and/or Sun. (2-6 people; 7 nights, 1 or 2 breakfasts)
  • Prepare meal to feed ~25 people (this includes volunteers)

Dinner/Evening Visitors

  • During/after meal 6:00 pm—9 pm (2 people; can be same people as the meal preparers)
  • Serve meal and eat with families
  • Clean up after meal.
  • Provide general hospitality to families.
  • Participate in activities-games, read, assist with homework, watch movies, etc.

Overnight Hosts

  • Fri and Sat night 8 pm -6:30 am (2 people, each night)
  • Meet families and sleep overnight.
  • You will have your own private area for sleeping.
  • Possibly set out breakfast items and make coffee.

Hospitality Week Take Down

  • Sunday, 2 hrs. (2-4 people; can be overnight hosts)
  • Take family bed sheets to launder.
  • Clean common areas as needed.


  • By start of hosting week, 2 hrs. (2-4 people), during week as needed.
  • Stock pantry/fridge for breakfast/lunch essentials.
  • May need to re-up mid-week.

Room Set-up

  • As needed during week,1-2 hrs (2-4 people; can be dinner/evening visitors)
  • Inflate and make up beds as needed for a family moving in.
  • Clean rooms and bathroom on family move out days; clean out bins to prepare for new family.

Want to learn more?

Contact us at (302) 998-2222 or We’re happy to give you a tour or visit your congregation/organization for informational meetings or presentations.


Family Promise of Northern New Castle County is a non-profit organization that prevents and ends homelessness for families by engaging congregations, volunteers and donors.

Families served at the Hospitality Center receive staff assistance to secure housing and other resources as needed.

The center is partially staffed by caring volunteers who have put their faith into action.