Hospitality Center at Family Promise® NNCC

Now open & transforming the lives of twice as many children and their families.

After Yarelis and Alreise lost their jobs, they had to leave their apartment, and they became homeless. But as a family of four — husband, wife, and two children — it was hard for them to find a place where they could stay together.

Family Promise® NNCC gave them refuge, allowing them to stay together as a family. “I felt secure,” Yarelis said. “We didn’t feel overwhelmed anymore.” Within two months, they found jobs and an apartment, where they still are today.

Sadly, not all children experiencing homelessness have this support. 18 kids in Delaware become homeless each day. Just one night of homelessness impacts a child academically and emotionally.

This is what makes Family Promise® NNCC unique. We keep families together when they experience homelessness, and we’re the most effective in the state.

Our Hospitality Center is open as of November 2018!

Our Hospitality Center provides needed temporary shelter to up to 6 families (or 20 individuals) at a time. This additional facility is helping us create twice the promise — we’re now able to prevent & end homelessness for twice as many families annually. The Hospitality Center opened at the end of November 2018, and within 24 hours, it was already at capacity.

The Hospitality Center is just down the road from our Day Center, which is the hub for our other shelter program. We’re excited to be sharing this space with Jesus House Prayer and Renewal Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing a sacred space and programs for those seeking spiritual growth and community.

To make this new initiative successful, we need your support.

Join us in our movement to end homelessness! Our 2,500+ volunteers from 50+ congregations make our current programs successful. Here’s why they volunteer with Family Promise® NNCC:

We’re excited to have the following congregations walking on this new journey with us:

  • Christ the Cornerstone Church
  • Heritage Presbyterian
  • Hockessin Friends Meeting
  • Holy Rosary
  • LifePath Church
  • Saint Catherine of Siena Parish
  • Simpson United Methodist Church
  • Seeds of Greatness
  • St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church
  • St. David’s Episcopal Church
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
  • St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
  • RiverCross Fellowship
  • Wilmington Church of the Brethren
  • Wilmington Friends Meeting

Learn more about volunteering!

Your congregation can join us in ending family homelessness! For more information, contact Cheryl Christiansen, Director of Community Engagement, at or (302) 998-2222 ext. 101.

Your donation will keep families together and help them overcome homelessness. We accept monetary donations (click here to securely donate online) and donations of needed supplies (click here for our current wish list). Questions? Contact Ryan Catalani, Director of Donor Relations: or (302) 998-2222 ext. 105.