The families you help work hard to overcome homelessness.  Your gift supports them on their journey to lasting independence.  You help parents build positive futures for themselves and their children.  What a blessing to be part of their transformational experience!


Mission Moment: Yesica’s Story

“On January 27th, I had nowhere to go.  I arrived at Family Promise with nothing.   All the volunteers made us feel like we were at home.  I started to look for work with the help of the staff.  Everyone told me not to give up.  I finally got a call back.  I was so excited. I am still working.


Then, I started looking for an apartment.  Weeks were going by and nothing.  I was so afraid because I did not have much income even though I was working full-time. I then got a call back that I got approved for an apartment. 


My last week at Family Promise was special.  It was my daughter’s birthday.  She didn’t think she was going to get a cake this year.  We arrived at Good Shepherd [the hosting congregation] for dinner and they had a surprise birthday party for her.  It was a good feeling to hear my daughter say, “We have a lot of people who love us”.


A few days later, it was my move-in day.  I feared I was not going to have any beds for my kids to sleep in but then all the volunteers came together and helped us out.  I couldn’t be more thankful. 


As I was moving out, I got connected with a mentor. This person means a lot to me.  She is pushing me to go back to school.   My mentor knows I want to be a chef.  When she comes, she brings vegetables from her garden or a cookbook. 


I still get check-in calls from Family Promise.  I am thankful to everyone.  I went from nothing on January 27th to now being employed, having a home and happy kids.”

Yesica is one of 384 individuals we have served this year.  We provided more shelter to families via our hospitality network this year than ever before, as the need continues to grow.  As you hear in her story, Yesica was often full of fear: fearful she would not find work and that it would not be enough for an apartment.  She feared facing her daughter’s birthday and that she would not have the means to furnish the apartment.


Family Promise replaces fear with hope. Your support makes this possible.


Please consider making a financial contribution to Family Promise so that even more families in 2017 may experience life-changing hope. Thank you for helping families by lending your support.


Wishing you the gifts you share with our families: peace, joy and hope.

Carolyn Gordon, Executive Director


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