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Jessica's Story

Jessica came to Family Promise in January of 2019.

Before Family Promise, Jessica struggled to get on her feet. Jessica suffers from a plethora of severe physical ailments. With her many disabilities, Jessica struggled to live on her own while taking care of her special needs daughter, Aliyah. Unable to live on her own, Jessica was forced to move in with her mother, but unfortunately, her situation didn’t improve. The trailer Jessica and Aliyah moved into was dilapidated and in need of serious repairs. There was no heat, no hot water, a faulty roof, siding, etc. This was not a safe environment for her child, it was not a place they could stay long term. The worry and stress of having no safe place to raise her child was overwhelming. Recognizing this was no place to raise her child, Jessica sought help, and she found it in Family Promise.

While in our program, Jessica did everything right; she worked hard, got connected to community resources, and was always doing her best to secure housing for herself and Aliyah. Jessica’s hard work paid off, as she secured housing for herself and her daughter in just 26 days! Jessica has now, remained housed for an entire year!

Jessica says “I am forever grateful for all the love, support and encouragement I have received from Family Promise of New Castle County”.

Thanks to your support, together we have been able to make a difference for families like Jessica’s!

We donated a vehicle to Jessica earlier this year.

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