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Rhonda's Journey Home

Me and my children were living in a beautiful house given to me by my mother in law after she passed. Due to unexpected circumstances we unfortunately lost the home. Me and my children were completely devastated about this happening.

After losing our home, and nowhere to go, we ended going to a motel. I was paying for motel stays just so we could be able to sleep. What Family Promise did for me is they opened their doors. They treated me and my kids like one of their own. It was amazing how they gave us toiletries, beds, dishes and so much more. It was a life changing experience. My youngest daughter had kids to play with. My eldest daughter learned very valuable life lessons. The assistance that they gave was very valuable.

I learned a variety of essential soft skills such as, work ethic, how to pace myself, don’t, over work myself and stay calm. I also learned leadership skills and how to stand up on my own two feet. Thanks to Family Promise and hard work, we are happily housed at Riverview Place Apartments. The apartment is the perfect size for me & my family. I was looking at the place for a while and more than excited to move in and share the news with my kids. The apartment complex is so secure and safe, many friendly people, not noisy, and the kids love it. There's a park in the complex so the kids have somewhere to play.

My goals for moving forward are to reflect on the past so I can see what I did wrong and how to prevent something like this from happening again. I’m very happy my children are happy. And most important of all we are at peace and have somewhere to call home. Right now I work at Food lion on Philadelphia Pike and it’s a good paying job. My boss is very understanding so I can’t complain as it puts food on the table and I have happy kids and a great house to show for it. Miss Lori is amazing, she did everything to make sure I was going to be okay after I moved out. Family Promise changed my life and made me realize that I wasn't alone. We all fall on hard times, but you just have to stay strong and focused and always keep your Faith.

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