Family Promise became part of the State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) two years ago.  Our role in the partnership with Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) and the Christina School District to expedite the process and assist the families with the financial barriers they may face other than the rent: security deposits, judgments from evictions, utility arrears and so forth.  This collaboration has supported over 100 families to become stably housed.

Family Promise prevents and ends homelessness for families with children.  We transition over 80% of our families to permanent housing in less than 45 days.  Now, not only can we help families get out of homelessness but we can lift families out of poverty by helping them secure better employment, go back to school, or rebuild credit.  Moreover, this program shows how collaborations can be effective and how funding can be leveraged and efficiently used. Of the 100+ families served thus far, Family Promise worked 76 of these families.   In their own words, this is what the SRAP program has means to them:


“SRAP is a blessing in disguise. It has not only given me faith, but the confidence a mother or parent needs in order to succeed and strive for more. SRAP will help my family feel stress free without the worry of paying rent for a whole year.  SRAP has a mission and that mission is for me to achieve success.  During this year, I will finish my degree. I also plan to save money so that I can still support my family after my year is up.  SRAP is allowing me to accomplish goals that were placed on the back burner…they were dreams I feared wouldn’t come true.

I thank the program for making it easier for me and my family to work our way back into society, to believe, to have hope, to be able to breathe again!”         ~ Ashley


“The SRAP Program is a blessing. This program took so many worries off of my mind and it will allow me to save money. My son is graduating high school this year and if it wasn’t for the program I’m not sure he would be. Being homeless is a very stressful thing for the parents, but for the children as well. I thank God for this program and think so many could benefit from it as well.”           ~ Diane


“I have been doing great! Thanks to SRAP, my children and I are living a better and healthier life! I appreciate everything that Family Promise and SRAP has done! It’s a wonderful program and I have told many people about my experience and how it help me. Thank you”                    ~  Aishia


“The SRAP program was a Godsend for me and my children.  The SRAP program gave me the shelter support I needed to stabilize my children, allowed my daughter to attend her prom, graduate from high school, and get accepted and attend Georgia State University.  It allowed my son to continue at Leasure Elementary and achieve Perfect Attendance and Student of the Month awards.  It allowed my daughter to have a bedroom to come home to after major surgery, and it allowed me to find consistent work and restart my own business. Thank you DSHA and Family Promise. You truly made becoming temporarily homeless….a not so-painful & livable process. We are eternally grateful.”        ~   Antoinette


“During my SRAP year, I got custody of little sister who is 14 years old.  She was in foster care in Louisville, Kentucky.  I work 7am-3pm and I have received a pay raise.  SRAP has been a blessing.  I never had my own place before and now I can learn to be consistent and pay bills.   I have been able to assist my sister with help her get the mental health support she was not getting. SRAP gives people that have struggled a sense of relief. A burden is lifted. Every homeless family needs a place to live.  My family really appreciates the help.  I have been able to look for better employment. My son is doing well in school.”                                               ~Ikea


“The SRAP voucher has helped my family in many ways. I’m most grateful that I was able to further my education in my nursing career.  I completed my CNA certification. With the voucher, I was able to complete this full time program while still being able to provide for my family and have a roof over their head. It would have been a struggle to take off work to go to school.  I don’t think I would have been able to do it and take care of my family.  The SRAP voucher made it so much easier and I was able to focus in school and do a great job. I feel accomplished and now I have a great kick-off to my career and can provide a more stable life for myself and my family.”            ~ Daisha



“This program helped me save money and I was able to get new employment I have matured a lot.  Before SRAP, I was homeless with a handicap daughter and shelters were not an option for me as a single dad.  We were in a motel so sports, homework in a peaceful area, having friends over was not an option.  I received help to get the basic documents my children should have like birth certificates and social security cards.  All my children stayed in a school they liked and their grades went up because they could focus. For my children, SRAP gave them a normal childhood. For me, I was reminded people cared and helped in a rough time.”     ~ Lerone

Thomas Family                       Brother and Sister


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