After Natefa’s family lost their house, she and her kids were forced to bounce between family members’ homes. Eventually, they stayed at a motel, where they’d have to walk miles just to get food. Tanique lost her job after she became pregnant, and although she stayed with family temporarily, there wasn’t enough space after the baby was born. Fred was employed but couldn’t make ends meet. He became homeless and had to leave his son with family members.

Through your support of Family Promise® NNCC, you transformed their lives! Natefa’s family moved into permanent housing in less than 50 days. Tanique received a donated car and found an apartment big enough for her growing family. And Fred is now working to secure a mortgage to buy his own home.

These are just three of over 100 families we’ve served this year! We help families overcome homelessness faster, more successfully, and more cost-effectively than anywhere else in Delaware. And with our new Hospitality Center, opening next month, we’re creating twice the promise! We’re expanding to end homelessness for twice as many families each year.

But we can’t do this without your support. Every dollar supports unique, effective programs that help families overcome homelessness and create stronger communities. Just $10 provides a pillow, a diaper, or other needed supplies for families. Click here to quickly and securely donate online!


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