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Stabilization Services

We believe in housing families & we believe in providing them all the necessary tools to

ensure they're able to live sustainably on their own and a secure a life of lasting independence. 


Pathway to Independence

The Pathway to Independence Program is designed to empower our families to be self-sustainable, enabling them to live an independent life. The program assists families with identifying and connecting with available transportation, clothing/children’s need providers in addition to a variety of other community supports to enable our families to live independently on their own.

We work diligently teaching our families soft skills via programming and partnerships. Case managers help clients navigate resources available to them, teaching clients the process along the way. We ensure our families are connected to resources and community based supports. We also strive to ensure our families understand how to navigate and utilize these resources after program exit.

Pathway to Career

The Pathway to Career is designed to support and empower families to obtain employment. Soft skills are provided by case managers to ensure our clients are capable and readily able to engage in the employment process. We have multiple partnerships in place with local non-profits and agencies designed to enhance the employability of our families. Additionally, we provide financial assistance for uniforms, background checks, work materials and the cost of certifications or education for specific jobs.

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