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Pathway to Housing

Our Pathway to Housing program empowers families  experiencing 

homelessness to quickly secure permanent housing. 

Pathway to Housing is a community based rapid-rehousing program that assists families in other situations of homelessness, such as those in shelters or motels. We provide intensive case management and financial assistance to families so they can secure housing. Staff connects families to employment opportunities, financial coaching, health and mental health resources, and support for children.

In Delaware there are simply not enough emergency shelter beds to shelter every family in need on any given night. That is why we created our Pathway to Housing Program. As this program is community based, it doesn’t provide shelter but we are still able to work with and provide families experiencing homelessness in our community with resources to rapidly re-house them.

The Pathway to Housing Program allows us to serve substantially more families in our community as we’re not limited to the number of families we can house in a single shelter. Quickly moving families into permanent housing shortens the duration of a families’ homelessness experience, while freeing up shelter beds.

How It Works

Our Pathway to Housing Program is comprised of three core components:

1) Identify Housing – Case managers connect families experiencing homelessness to our network of 80+ landlords to assist them quickly with securing permanent housing.

2) Pay for Housing – We provide financial assistance to families in the form of a security deposit and first month's rent initially. Once in housing, assistance is provided on a needs basis.


3) Stay in Housing - At Family Promise, we pride ourselves on moving families into housing and keeping them in housing. Case Managers work diligently with families to assist them with obtaining employment, access benefits, and connect to community supports. Further, case managers strive to teach families soft skills that enable them to live independently and sustainably. Case managers will also work to mitigate and assist families to overcome any challenges they may face.

Your congregation or organization can join us in ending family homelessness! For more information, contact Andréa Cox, Community Engagement Manager, at or (302) 998-2222 ext. 104.

Your donation will keep families together and help them overcome homelessness. We accept monetary donations (click here to securely donate online) and donations of needed supplies (click here for our current wish list). Questions? Contact Blaine Breeding, Development & Marketing Manager: or (302) 998-2222 ext. 105.

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