For general information, please call our main number at (302) 998-2222 or email us at All staff extensions listed below are for our main number.


Allieu Sheriff

Case Manager, Rapid Rehousing I ext. 108, email:

Allieu serves as our Hope Center Case Manager. In his position, Allieu ensures the Hope Center Office is running smoothly, and works with all of our Hope Center families to assist them in securing employment and housing as soon as it’s feasibly possible.


Andréa Cox

Community Engagement Manager I ext. 103, email:

As the Community Engagement Manager Andréa vigorously works to raise awareness of our mission and vision in our community. Andréa is responsible for managing & overseeing our 2,100+ volunteers, volunteer training, and all volunteer activities. Andréa acts as a liaison between Case Managers, shelter families and volunteers.


Carmen Bowers

Case Manager, Pathway to Housing I ext. 100, email:

Carmen is our primary Diversion Case Manager. In her role, Carmen arduously works to divert families in need from shelter altogether, by assisting them secure housing within 7-14 days. Simultaneously, Carmen provide rapid re-housing assistance to families experiencing homelessness in our local community.


Cathy Robertson

Finance Director I email:

Cathy serves as our Finance Director. In her role Cathy is primarily responsible for the day to day operations of Family Promise NNCC. Cathy supports each and every member of our team to ensure our staff is well positioned and able to carry out their responsibilities. Cathy works closely with Tyler to manage financials, and implement when necessary new processes, procedures & policies.


Cheryl Christiansen

Executive Director Advisor I email:

Cheryl is stepping into her new role as Executive Director Advisor. In this role Cheryl will be assisting our staff in anyway she can while lending her tenured experience and expertise to Tyler as he navigates his new role as Executive Director.


Felicia Hendricks

Case Management Supervisor I ext. 102, email:

In her role as the Hospitality Network Case Manager, Felicia is tasked with helping families in our emergency shelter to quickly transition to permanent housing. Felicia works closely with our Community Engagement Manager and volunteers to ensure the Network is operating smoothly.


Kawanda McElveen

Case Manager, Hospitality Center I ext. 107, email:

Kawanda serves as our Hospitality Center Case Manager. In her position, Kawanda ensures the Hospitality Center is running smoothly, and works with all of our Center families to assist them secure employment and housing as soon as it’s feasibly possible.


Madeline Goodall

Development & Marketing Manager I ext. 105, email:

As the Development & Marketing Manager, Maddie works diligently to raise awareness of the crisis of family homelessness in our community. Maddie manages grants, multiple fundraising campaigns, events, & all other development activities. Maddie is also primarily responsible for communications and all marketing activities.


Terrance Hester

Office & Operations Manager I ext. 105, email:

Terrance works closely with our Finance Director to ensure operations are running smoothly. He regularly reviews inputted data, checking for accuracy and completion, in addition to assisting with the creation of family packets. Terrance also manages the facilities and assist staff wherever necessary.


Tyler Shade

Executive Director I ext. 111, email:

Tyler's current role at Family Promise NNCC is Executive Director, in which he oversees the entirety of our staff and programs. Tyler is responsible for ensuring all of our staff and the organization as a whole is consistently moving forward and ending family homelessness in our community. Tyler's leadership and vision is the driving force behind Family Promise NNCC.



Case Manager, Pathway to Housing I

This role is the primary Case Manager for our Pathway to Housing Program. They spend the majority of their time working with families in our community that are in need of assistance. They work with our community families, identify their needs, and help them to quickly secure permanent housing quickly.