Make it Personal. Volunteer. Click here to apply to volunteer!

  • Opportunity for interfaith, hands-on ministry.

  • A great chance for you and your co-workers/business to give back to your local community.

  • Get your whole family involved; great way to engage children fun, age-appropriate activities.

  • Wide-range of volunteer activities to fit schedule and desired level of commitment.

  • Give the gift of hope for a brighter future.

How can you get your congregation, group, or office involved?

  • Day Center & Hospitality Center Volunteer: Maintenance, yardwork, donation facilitator and organizing assistance is often needed.

  • Host Congregations: Provide hospitality to guest families directly in your house of worship. These volunteers provide meals, overnight hospitality, and a friendly face. Congregations often provide financial support to help the organization help the families as well.

  • Become a Host: Hosts can offer up their space to house four families for a week at a time, or they can provide meals for six families a week at a time. Learn more here.

  • Support Congregations:  Provide in-kind resources or financial support in partnership with a host congregation.

  • House Warming: Donate  household supplies  for families moving into their new homes.​ Click here to see what is needed

If you’re interested or have any questions, contact Andréa Cox, Community Engagement Manager, at (302) 998-2222 ext. 101, or at andrea@familypromisede.org.

Volunteers expand our capacity – by helping out and accomplishing a variety of tasks, volunteers truly make an impact on the lives of families we serve while simultaneously freeing up staff time to focus solely on mission related tasks.

Below you'll find examples of just a few of the organizations we have come out and volunteer with Family Promise NNCC  


Agilent Technologies

Employees from Agilent Technologies come out multiple times a year to engage in a wide variety of volunteer activities. Over the years, volunteers from Agilent have renovated bathrooms, painted multiple rooms, landscaped, assembled furniture, decorated for the holidays, and a wealth of other activities.

Fox & Roach Realtors

Each year employees from Fox & Roach realtors come out to help out in any way they can. This past year, volunteers helped out with some much needed organization. Volunteers spent an entire morning organizing and cleaning out our attic. Volunteers also helped staff prepare materials for our biggest fundraiser of the year.



Volunteers from Chemours came out on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, with the intention of brightening up our two cottages that make up our Hospitality Center. Volunteers painted a variety of inspirational quotes, positive scenery, and created a butterfly wall. Being homeless is a tough, challenging experience for a family to face. A little bit of color, some kind words and art can go a long way - putting the families we serve at ease and motivating them to change their situation.


Employees from Citi came out to help us prepare for the coming winter. Volunteers removed all of our air conditioning units and stored them for us. Volunteers raked and bagged leaves covering the entirety of our property, and a variety of other yard work. Volunteers also power-washed our shed, just to name a few of the tasks they accomplished.

Family Promise-mom and son

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do". – Edward Everett Hale