Who We Are

We're a community based non-profit dedicated to  preventing and

ending homeless for families in our community. We keep families together.

Our mission is to prevent and end homelessness for families by engaging volunteers, donors, and the faith community. We envision a community in which every family has a home, a livelihood, and the resources for lasting independence. We believe in working with our community to end family homelessness - a challenge faced by our community requires a community solution.

We provide shelter and case management services to hundreds of families experiencing homelessness. We exist to fill the gap in services within the homelessness sector. We are the only nonprofit in Delaware that has always provided shelter and services to families with children regardless of their size, make-up or composition. The majority of shelters in the state have stipulations on the populations they serve (men only, women and children only etc.). In 2019 we served 44.9% of all families experiencing homelessness in Delaware.

We believe every child deserves a home, a warm bed at night. 

After Yarelis and Alreise lost their jobs, they had to leave their apartment, and they became homeless. But as a family of four — husband, wife, and two children — it was hard for them to find a place where they could stay together.

Family Promise® NNCC gave them refuge, allowing them to stay together as a family. “I felt secure,” Yarelis said. “We didn’t feel overwhelmed anymore.” Within two months, they found jobs and an apartment, where they still are today.

Sadly, not all children experiencing homelessness have this support. 18 kids in Delaware become homeless each day. Just one night of homelessness impacts a child academically and emotionally.

This is what makes Family Promise® NNCC unique. We keep families together when they experience homelessness, and we’re the most effective in the state.