This past Friday, Amanda stopped by Family Promise with her three young boys Hudson, Josh, and James. For sometime now, Hudson, Josh, and James have been interested in helping out a local non profit - they were particularly interested in helping those who found themselves homeless. They got to thinking - what could three young boys do on a hot day to raise money for a good cause - that's when the lightbulb went off! They set up a Lemonade stand and over the course of a day raised over $100! Amanda and her three boys stopped by and donated the $100 they worked so hard to earned to Family Promise.

Thank you Hudson, Josh, and James for your wonderful entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit!

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For the last month, we've created a variety of virtual tours in support of this year's Virtual Highmark Walk. The videos act as a great resource to virtually explore our facilities and better understand what Family Promise has to offer from a physical standpoint. We currently have three videos up that highlight our Day Center Grounds, Offices, and the Hospitality Center Grounds/Cottages.

Please feel free to share and we hope you'll join us on June 12th!

Click here to view our tours!

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On June 26, 2021, Family Promise National is hosting a social media challenge to raise awareness for families experiencing homelessness. To participate in the Night Without a Bed, all you have to do is sleep anywhere without a bed on the night of June 26. While doing so, post a video blog or photo using the hashtag #NightWithoutABed to share your experience.

You can pitch a tent in your backyard, sleep under the stars, or even create a living room fort! The choice is yours!

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