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Annual Celebration

2020 was certainly not the year any of us expected it to be. We faced challenge after challenge, but we persevered, pivoted, and tweaked our programs to ensure we were always able to continue serving families. At our Annual Celebration, we will discuss our successes, challenges, program pivots, program performance, and our financials from 2020, in addition to a roadmap of where we’re going in 2021.

Our Director of Family Services, Wendell Covell will speak in depth about our four programs; The Hospitality Network, the Hospitality Center, Pathway to Housing, and the Pathway to Diversion. Wendell will address the challenges our programs faced in 2020, how we overcame these challenges, and how our programs are doing to date. We’ll also discuss what program changes we’re considering in 2021, to ensure we can continue serving families effectively.

If you’re interested in learning more about anything listed above, please join us! Our Annual Celebration will be on Tuesday, March 9th at 6pm. Our celebration will be online, via Zoom, making it easy to attend!

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