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Cheryl Christiansen - Announces Retirement

Dear Family Promise Community,

With great enthusiasm and confidence, I would like to share exciting news about the future of our organization. I am announcing my retirement as Executive Director, and that the planned successor for the role will be Tyler Shade. Although I will be leaving my staff role with Family Promise, I won’t be going very far. I still have the same passion for Family Promise as I did 10 years ago, and will remain as Executive Advisor to Tyler and the Board of Directors. You will likely see me around, though not at the office!

Those of you who know Tyler, understand that he has great passion for Family Promise and the families we serve. He brings amazing energy, ideas and talent and I’ve watched him soar in the time he has been with us. I have complete confidence that Tyler is able to take on the challenge of his new role as Executive Director and he has the unanimous support of the Board of Directors. As soon as Tyler is able to hire and train a Development and Marketing Manager to replace him, he will step into the Executive Director role. He will continue to have my support, a talented staff team working with him and the guidance of a Board of Directors that brings a varied wealth of experience.

I consider my job the greatest honor, as I have the privilege of witnessing the work of an amazing organization and so many valuable partners, congregations and volunteers. All of the relationships I enjoy will be missed as I depart, but in my heart forever. Family Promise is in the capable hands of leadership that has the energy and ability to continue the path of intentional growth. Family Promise continues to create new ways to serve the most vulnerable families experiencing homelessness. How truly fortunate I have been to be part of such meaningful work!

My parting words bring you a short message of action. The song by Steve Angrisano, “Go Make a Difference, We Can Make a difference”, based on Matthew 5-13-16. To our families, every small gesture and anything you provide makes a world of difference to them, knowing someone cares about their family.

Please join me in my continued support of Family Promise and Tyler Shade in his role as Executive Director. Thank you for all of the inspiration you have shared with me over the years!

With Purpose,

Cheryl Christiansen, Executive Advisor

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