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Family Promise Partners with the County

In times like these, it's important to engage in partnerships to strengthen the effectiveness of our response. In this case, we've partnered with New Castle County to provide rapid re-housing assistance for dozens of families experiencing homelessness that are currently staying in hotels. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, New Castle County and other local governments have been placing people experiencing homelessness into hotels. This short term intervention was necessary to ensure those in need were provided shelter. At the time, many emergency shelters in Delaware shuttered their doors or were unable to serve additional individuals experiencing homelessness. 

Now, hundreds of households experiencing homelessness are staying in motel units, however, they can't stay forever. We're working the County to provide rapid re-housing assistance and case management services to ensure families don't exit their unit with nowhere to go. We're creating a unit to housing pipeline and plan on serving as many families as we're able to. 

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