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Program Updates

Felicia our Network and Hope Center Case Manager has dedicated the majority of her time and Capacity towards assisting families experiencing homelessness sheltering at the Hope Center secure permanent housing. Felicia provides resources, case management services, and financial assistance to families at the Hope Center in an effort to assist them secure permanent housing as quickly as possible. Felicia recently assisted two families end their homelessness and secure housing!

Georgette, one of our Pathway to Housing Case Managers, is dedicating her entire case management capacity to rapidly re-housing as many families experiencing homelessness as possible. This includes families in any situation of homelessness, including families staying in motels, other shelters, their car, etc. Despite the challenges, Georgette has been steadily moving families into permanent housing!

Carmen, one of our Pathway to Housing Case Managers primarily serves families experiencing homelessness that are sheltering at local hotels. Carmen works closely with the State of Delaware to quickly assist families and address any needs or barriers they're currently facing. Like Georgette, Carmen assists families identify housing, pay for housing, and remain in housing long term. Carmen consistently helps families address and overcome their barriers, leading to many families ending their homelessness.

Kawanda, our Hospitality Center Case Manager is moving on full steam ahead! The Hospitality Center has not missed a beat this past year, despite all of the challenges we've faced. Kawanda continues to provide wrap around Case Management for families sheltering at the Center in addition to assisting a small number of community families. Our static shelter remains a powerfully effective homelessness intervention. In 2020, 86% of all families served in the Center, secured permanent housing!

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