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Sherman's Journey Home

Family Promise NNCC ensures every family experiencing homelessness has access to shelter, case management, and the resources necessary to secure permanent housing.  

 "My name is Sherman Holloway, I am young African-American male and a single father. I have two wonderful children named Jeremiah and Shamiah. I lost my apartment in Dover because I didn’t take my responsibilities seriously. I helped the wrong people and I paid for it. I realized I needed to change my attitude and my ways to change my life.

Once I lost my apartment me and my kids had nowhere to go. My spirits were crushed and the stress was unbearable. Luckily I met a man named Mr. Mike, and he provided hotel vouchers, which got us off the street and put a roof over our heads for a few nights. After a few nights I was able to get referred to Family Promise. I strongly believe in God and I knew he wouldn’t leave me, but faith alone is not enough. I had to change my ways and take responsibility for myself and my children.

In April of 2019 I was blessed with a free ride to Family Promise, and had a meeting with a lovely lady named Felicia who did my intake. I remember her asking me how was I going to bounce back and I told her I don’t know but I can show you. In the beginning I was kind of lazy and discouraged. Once I talked to Miss Felicia about my problems she didn’t hesitate to help me. In her heart she believed in me and she knew I needed a little push.

When I felt nervous or discouraged, Miss Felicia would tell me it would be alright, and that if I put the work in, things would work out. I appreciate Miss Felicia’s dedication and care to assist me during this hard time. Miss Felicia reminds me of my mother, she was hard on me but she would go over and beyond for me. Miss Felicia and Family Promise believed in me and that’s when I said, I must be fearless no matter what, I will not stop, I will not give up until my kids have a roof over their head’s. Family Promise lifted my spirits and I was able to love myself and become a better parent. Going to different churches to sleep was fun, it felt like we weren’t even in a shelter, it felt like a resort because everyone, all of the volunteers were just so kind. Their positive attitudes really motivated me to move forward.

But I couldn’t get comfortable because it was temporary.  The staff at the churches were very caring, loving, and giving. They made sure that each night we were stuffed like turkeys.

I was blessed with a job at Zoup. I only worked there for four days because my performance was poor. I was discouraged but I couldn’t give up, poor performance wouldn’t change my situation. Then I got a job at McDonald’s and I said OK, now I have to take this serious and work hard.  I wanted a stable job so I could provide for my kids. My performance improved and I kept this job. Soon after pulling everything together, I was approved for housing assistance and Miss Felicia helped me find an apartment. Almost an entire year later, I’m managing my finances, maintaining my housing, and I even landed a great job as a security guard at Allied Universal after obtaining my security license.

Family Promise was more than a program, they were a blessing. I’m proud of my accomplishments and who I have become, thanks to Family Promise".  


Sherman is pictured with his Case Manager, Felicia and his newly donated vehicle. 

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