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Courts Re-Openings and Homelessness

As it stands, there is a Federal moratorium on evictions and foreclosures for Federally funded housing. This includes rentals that receive vouchers distributed from the Department of Housing & Urban Development and mortgages backed by lenders such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 

Evictions in Delaware are processed by the Justice of the Peace Court. The court has been closed since the onset of the pandemic, however the Court is scheduled to re-open on June 13th. While the Court has been closed, all eviction cases have been put on hold. 

Once the Court re-opens, eviction proceedings will commence. Initially, the Court will hear and pass judgment on its backlog of cases. Once the Court completes its backlog of cases, it will begin hearing new cases, including new evictions. The stalling of our economy in conjunction with more than 90,000 Delawareans unemployed and governmental assistance running out will lead to a mass wave of evictions. 

Anticipating this, we have been preparing, and partnering with local government to ensure Delaware's families experiencing homelessness and those soon to be experiencing homelessness will have a place to stay at Family Promise NNCC. 

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