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COVID 19 Relief Fundraiser

The COVID-19 outbreak is single-handedly disrupting our communities and simultaneously straining our social safety net. As restaurants close and businesses cease operations, many Delawareans are losing their livelihoods. One in seven adults in the U.S. lives in official poverty; approximately 40% of all households are unable to cover an unexpected $400 expense. If COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on our communities, it's likely many Delawareans will be unemployed for quite some time. With many households living paycheck to paycheck, the consequences of unemployment can be dire - leading to housing instability and potentially homelessness if steps aren't taken now. 

Social services providers are furiously working to address the uptick in need. Family Promise of Northern New Castle County is working with as many families as we can to prevent them from losing their housing during this crisis. Families like Rhonda's - Read her story below. 

In conjunction with Family Promise National and over 150+ Family Promise Affiliates, we are launching a COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser. The purpose is to raise enough funds to minimize the effects COVID-19 is currently having on families in our shelters. Funds will also be used to keep families currently housed in their housing as they struggle remain stably housed in the face of widespread unemployment. 

We may all be self isolating, but there is no greater time to come together as a community than now - together we can ensure our community's most vulnerable families aren't alone and have our support. 

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