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COVID 19 Response

Dear Community Partner,

We responded to the coronavirus outbreak in a letter to our congregation partners two weeks ago to announce the closing of our rotational hospitality network as a result of local church closings.  The families we were sheltering at that time joined four families we are hosting at the Hospitality Center.  We are currently sheltering six families and helping so many additional community families being affected by job loss and other issues through our other programs. We continue to take proactive steps to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) and to be ready to respond if needed. The health and safety of our volunteers, guests and staff remains of immeasurable importance to us.

While none of our staff, volunteers, or guests have tested positive for the virus, we have taken the following steps:

  • Staff is working on a staggered schedule and staff and guests are practicing social distancing and telecommuting and teleconferencing with families as much as able.

  • Volunteers are limited to the drop off of meals and supplies.

  • Sanitizing common areas daily and guests are sanitizing before and after meals.

  • Met with each of our guests to speak to them about how to prevent an infection, the symptoms of COVID-19, and what to do if they feel sick.

  • Purchased supplies such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant, wipes, thermometers, and masks (though none have arrived) and over-the-counter medicine to prevent and prepare.

  • Have a comprehensive plan to manage a family that tests positive for the virus.

  • Continue to operate our community programs that serve families experiencing homelessness and be sure recent graduates have stabilization assistance.

 It is critical that we maintain open and honest communication during this public health challenge. If anyone coming in contact with someone at Family Promise is confirmed to have the virus, please let me know immediately so that we can address the situation. We will also let you know if any of our staff, volunteers, or guests are confirmed to have the virus. Continuing to work with local official directives during this time, we are an organization that provides essential services, and remain open to serve families experiencing homelessness.If you are interested in the specifics of my comprehensive plan, feel free to reach out.

Thank you for all you do to help Family Promise and our families, especially when we need it most!  It is my wish that we weather this challenge together, with courage and compassion.Kind Regards,

Cheryl Christiansen

Executive Director

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