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John & Nancy Find Their Way Home

John was born and raised in Delaware. This State is all he knows, which is why it came as a shock when his stepfather decided the family was going to move to Florida. John’s life was in Delaware – his friends, girlfriend, school, job, everything he knew was here, but John followed his stepfather’s wishes, and moved to Florida with his family.

Shortly after moving to Florida, John discovered his girlfriend Nancy was pregnant. Immediately, John knew he had to come back, he knew he had a responsibility to be a good and present father. John returned to Delaware, but when he returned, John found himself in a vulnerable position. The only family that he could rely on was in Florida and his previous job wasn’t hiring as a result of COVID19. John stayed with Nancy’s family for a while, but after their daughter was born, there was simply not enough room for all of them. John and Nancy found themselves homeless in the midst of a pandemic.

“I was terribly depressed. Just nothing seemed to ever work out – whenever it seemed as though things would get better, something always fell through. Landlords wouldn’t accept me into housing because I didn’t have a job, and employers wouldn’t hire me because I didn’t have a stable address.” John and Nancy were stuck in a vicious cycle, and they needed help – Family Promise provided that help.

Thankfully, John and Nancy were referred to and received shelter at the Hope Center. While at the Hope Center, Felicia, our Case Manager worked with John and Nancy to quickly end their homelessness by securing employment and stable housing in under two months!

John struggled to maintain a job without reliable transportation. Around the same time, a generous supporter donated their vehicle providing John with the stable transportation he and his family needed.

“There’s no better feeling than locking your door at the end of the day, and knowing that you have a place of your own, a place for your family to be safe. I was so used to being disappointed, to things going wrong, plans falling through, but that never happened with Family Promise. Their name says it all, they promised they would help, and a few months later we’re back on our feet. Felicia always stuck with us – there aren’t even words to describe how thankful we are”.

John and Nancy are looking towards the future to ensure they’re able to provide the best life possible for their daughter, and newborn son! John has his sights set on getting a Master’s in Behavioral Health Therapy and homeownership!

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