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Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteers are the backbone of Family Promise. The unique model of our programs is only made possible by the overwhelming support of our volunteers. Volunteers donate their time, money, physical and emotional support to families experiencing homelessness. Here at Family Promise, our volunteers are part of our family.

The direct interaction between volunteers and families develops into a lasting emotional connection. This relationship and emotional connection felt by families, is one of the primary motivating factors on their road to securing permanent housing. This emotional connection is the cornerstone of our organization and one of the primary reasons why our programs are the most effective in the state.

Our volunteers are always incredible, but sticking with us through a pandemic is absolutely “out of this world”! Thank you all, for your dedication in supporting our mission! Our Community Engagement Manager Andrea Cox hosted a drive by Volunteer Appreciation event Saturday, April 24th, to honor, appreciate, and showcase just how "out of this world" our volunteers are!

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