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We're Thankful for You!

As we celebrate a Thanksgiving that will no doubt be different than any other, we will surely be counting our blessings with more purpose than ever before. We will miss the intimate gatherings with family and friends to celebrate being grateful and giving thanks. Our turkeys will be much smaller this year and we will need to find creative ways to connect with those important to us. Some of you may have learned the new skill to use “Zoom” to stay connected!

This year we have faced so many challenges at Family Promise as Covid spread through the community. With the increased need for shelter, we must continue operating! As our staff works hard to be sure our families are well cared for and have a place to live, they face personal challenges in caring for their own families and work hard to keep them healthy. Family Promise serves a vital need in the community and staff, volunteers and community support are necessary to answer the call from those who need us to get back on their feet. The pandemic has brought about an amplified need for shelter, meals and a place for families to have their burden lifted. You and all of us at Family Promise are just the community to make that happen. This is a time to reflect on the good we do collectively.

Thank you, thank you to staff, volunteers and supporters who continue to be there with us as we care for families experiencing homelessness. I am truly grateful and give you THANKS! We couldn’t do it without you! Enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving and holiday season ahead.

With sincere appreciation,

Cheryl Christiansen

Executive Director

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