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Journeys Home

April's Journey Home

Up until recently, April and her family were doing perfectly fine, until a tragic event occurred. April is the unfortunate victim of domestic violence. As if the abuse wasn't already severe enough on its own, it eventually induced a stroke in April, causing her to be hospitalized.


John & Nancy's Journey Home

Shortly after moving to Florida, John discovered his girlfriend Nancy was pregnant. Immediately, John knew he had to come back, he knew he had a responsibility to be a good and present father. John returned to Delaware, but when he returned, John found himself in a vulnerable position

Sherman's Journey Home

​ "My name is Sherman Holloway, I am young African-American male and a single father. I have two wonderful children named Jeremiah and Shamiah. I lost my apartment in Dover because I didn’t take my responsibilities seriously. I helped the wrong people and I paid for it. I realized I needed to change my attitude and my ways to change my life."

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Brittney's Journey Home

"In the summer of 2017, I left Delaware to follow my former husband to Missouri with the hope he would fulfill his promise to “change.”  I quickly found out that the violence only grew worse and my life and the lives of my children were in constant danger. I filed a PFA and fled back to Delaware."

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Lanikka's Journey Home

 Unfortunately, Lanikka found herself in an abusive situation. She was the victim of domestic violence. Lanikka wanted to provide a better life for herself and her new son Phoenix, and to do that, she knew she had to escape.


Jessica's Journey Home

Before Family Promise, Jessica struggled to get on her feet. Jessica suffers from a variety of severe physical ailments. With her many disabilities, Jessica struggled to live on her own while taking care of her special needs daughter, Aliyah.

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Mary's Journey Home

Mary was married, had multiple children, a stable home and job. To her neighbors, Mary had a picturesque life, but beneath the surface, not everything in Mary’s life was as stable as it seemed. Mary was married to an abuser. Mary suffered abuse at the hands of her husband for years, and eventually, it started to break her down.

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